Understand where you are, and apply it to where you are going


Truly Understand Your Fundraising Program & How to Get Where You Want to Go

The 3D Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of the health of your fundraising program & file with strategic recommendations for achieving your goals. It also helps you discover the legitimate obstacles that are impacting your results and identify new opportunities for achieving your goals.

Understand the Why Behind Every Metric

The 3D Assessment helps you discover the hidden obstacles that are impacting your fundraising results with multi-year view on the revenue & donor development trends.

Identify Hidden Weaknesses & Potential Opportunities

The 3D Assessment can help you understand how the tactics & strategies of your specific program impact your results — and more importantly, how to improve.

Identify Your Best Mid-level & Major Donor Prospects

The 3D Assessment assesses your file to identify donors with the greatest capacity & interest to be upgraded to a mid-level or major donor.

Discover Actionable Next Steps & Prioritize Initiatives

The 3D Assessment equips you with an action plan by translating key insights into prioritized recommendations for driving short and long-term growth for your program.


Discover Your Best Opportunity to Acquire New Donors & Accelerate Growth

What if you knew exactly where to find the new donors to fuel long-term growth? Many of today’s nonprofit leaders are prudently asking…

How can we expand our reach and accelerate revenue to generate more impact?

How can we mitigate the risk of launching a program or entering a new market?

How can we focus marketing and fundraising on strategies that produce the greatest results?

Our Market Opportunity Analysis was designed to help answer these questions.

Identify Markets & Strategies that Provide Greatest ROI

We find the markets with the most donors likely to support your mission detailed projections so you can identify potential impact before you invest.

Discover the Specific Messages that Will Resonate with Potential Donors

Our analysis provides insights and profiles on your mission-driven donors in order to inform your acquisition strategy & messaging.

Design a Scalable Acquisition Strategy Based on Your Budget

We provide a step-by-step action plan your organization can use to test and scale your acquisition efforts as you work to strategically expand your reach.


Design the Ideal Donor Experience

What if every person in your organization knew their role in creating the ideal donor experience?

Journey Mapping is a collaborative one-day workshop that aligns your entire organization around the ideal donor experience.

By getting everyone around the table, Journey Mapping helps you evaluate your program and work together to create a strategy that enhances the donor experience, improves response rates, and ultimately increases revenue.

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses of Your Current Program

Journey Mapping enables you to objectively evaluate your current process for engaging donors through a new lens.

Craft an Intentional Experience Based on What Donors Want

Journey Mapping helps you intentionally deepen relationships with donors by considering every interaction they have with your brand.

Walk Away with Action Steps for Every Department

Journey Mapping equips your team with a data-driven understanding of the donor experience and outlines specific steps to take in fulfilling their role in creating it.


Discover Why Donors Give & Develop a Plan to Cultivate Them

What if you knew exactly what motivates donors to take action? What if you knew why do they identify with your cause?

Strategic Segmentation is built to help you understand what truly motivates your donors to support your cause and align your strategy around the best way to increase engagement & lifetime value.

Most agencies develop personas that are not backed by real data. With Strategic Segmentation, we go way beyond standard personas.  In developing data-driven donor identities, we unlock the insights that ensure all your marketing and development efforts are focused on cultivating the right donors at the right time with the right message & call to action.

Go Beyond Transactional Information to Discover Donor Motivations

Strategic Segmentation helps you unlock the motivations and needs that drive donor action of your most passionate supporters.

Develop Data-Driven Donor Segments of Your Passionate Supporters

Strategic Segmentation allows you to develop data-driven personas and identities based on shared motivations so you can create a more personal & relevant experience for them.

Apply the Insights to Enhance Your Fundraising Program

Identifying your most valuable donor segments allows you to focus on cultivating the right donors with the right messages.  


Identify Mission-Driven Mid-level and Major Donor Prospects

How many mid-level or major donor prospects are you missing the opportunity to cultivate?

Wealth screening was supposed to help answer this question. Unfortunately, these reports aren’t always actionable and often create more frustration than a feeling of momentum.

Our Pursuant Insights team created an accessible and actionable solution to help you identify and cultivate the hidden gems in your file.

Identify Your Most Capable Prospects

Prospect Identification helps you identify the true number of prospects in your file by filtering donors through more than 1,500 external data points.

Go Beyond Wealth Data to Engage Motivated Donors

Prospect Identification provides you with a list of prospects with the greatest capacity AND interest in supporting your cause.

Prospect Identification Funnel

Equip Your Gift Officers to Be More Effective

Prospect Identification uses predictive modeling to maximize performance and potential of gift officers and quantifies the potential for growing your team.

Solve Unique Challenges with Our Team of Experts

We don’t leave you on your own to analyze the data. Our team of fundraising strategists is here to help you take action and experience results. 


Our Pursuant Insights team has led some of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations through deep analysis of their current programs and organizational structure in order to identify key opportunities and determine what strategies need to be activated to accelerate growth.

By combining world-class analytics tools with decades of experience in fundraising, we can help you solve whatever challenge you face.

✓ Integrated Reporting

✓ Data Visualization

✓ Data Hygiene

✓ Projections & Modeling

✓ Program Analysis & Assessment

✓ Donor Migration Analysis

✓ Multi-Channel Impact Analysis

✓ Lifetime Value

✓ Constituent Experience Analysis

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The 3D Assessment has helped us develop strategies, both short and long term, to drive more meaningful relationships with our supporters.

Bente WeitekampCommunity Health Network Foundation

The Market Opportunity Analysis has not only helped us increase awareness about the importance of what we do but also have driven PAN to look into expanding resources to further help people. We continue to learn and grow thanks to Pursuant’s strategic thinking and insights.

Leena PatelSenior Director of Development at PAN Foundation

As the Friends of Hennepin County Library supporter base expands, we believe that constituent-centric experiences will drive value and growth. Strategic Segmentation has identified motivations for giving among discrete audience segments and helped us to prioritize engagement for those with greatest potential.

Adam BreiningerDirector of Development at Friends of Hennepin County Library


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