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About Pursuant Insights

Pursuant Insights is a dedicated group of analytics professionals laser focused on discovering the actionable insights in your data that will help you accelerate growth. We love data. We believe it’s the key to unlocking answers to your biggest challenges. We want to help you leverage your data to make smarter decisions, create better experiences for supporters, and drive greater results. 

The Pursuant Group

The Pursuant Group is a fundraising platform of services and technology companies that leverage strategy, insights, and creative storytelling to help nonprofit organizations change the world. Founded in 2001, Pursuant exclusively serves the nonprofit space through its family of brands: Pursuant Fundraising, Pursuant Insights, TouchPoint, Advizor, and Causemo.


Hillary Noon, Executive Director, Pursuant Insights

Hilary Noon has 20+ years of experience in the non-profit sector having consulted on projects nationally and internationally to enable organizations to leverage market insight to accelerate the achievement of their missions.  In her role of Executive Vice President of Insight, Analytics and Experience at Pursuant, Hilary serves as the leader for analytics program strategy and drives the innovation engine for the company.  Hilary is responsible for staying abreast of commercial and non-profit market trends and listening to client feedback in order to optimally align technology, data and insight to enable best in class donor experiences and enhanced fundraising results.

Immediately prior to coming to Pursuant, Hilary spent a number of years with the American Cancer Society (ACS). Under her leadership, the National Insight and Experience Team at ACS drove critical business decisions across all signature fundraising activities, defined a consistent experience score for the Society, quantified and predicted the relationship between experience and revenue and identified primary drivers of consumer involvement.  Her team was recognized as leaders in the innovative application of insight to strategy through the receipt of Forrester Research’s ‘Outside In’ Award for their Voice of Customer program.

Hilary has consulted on projects with the National Geographic, the Nature Conservancy, the National Park Service, the Girl Scouts USA and the US Agency for International Development.  She holds an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara and advanced degrees from San Francisco State and the George Washington University School of Business.

When not helping clients derive meaning from data, Hilary loves to spend time outdoors with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she calls home.

Sucharita Otta, Vice President, Analytics

In her role as Vice President of Analytics, Sucharita (Suchi) brings a wealth of data analysis and business intelligence experience and know-how to the Pursuant analytics team. In her role, she ensures Pursuant designs and delivers analytic solutions with excellence that contribute to the fundraising effectiveness of the clients we serve. Her core competencies are in the collection, integration, analysis and dissemination of customer, digital and campaign insights. With a career spanning more than 15 years, Suchi truly understands the fundraising challenges of our clients and helps address those by using data-driven insights.

Prior to joining Pursuant, Suchi supported the reporting and analytics needs of a variety of brands like the American Cancer Society, Apple, General Electric, Angie’s List, CenturyLink, Carnival Cruise Lines. She has presented at multiple conferences and, under Suchi’s leadership, her team at the American Cancer Society received the Google Analytics Award of Excellence.

Matthew Mielcarek, Vice President, Analytics and Insights Strategy

Matthew Mielcarek serves as Vice President, Analytics & Insights Strategy at Pursuant.  In his role, he works hand in hand with C-level nonprofit executives to unlock latent value in constituent and transaction data. He also engages with fundraisers to validate current strategies and identify untapped opportunities for growth.

Matthew has deep integrated strategy and campaigning expertise, working for traditional and online advertising agencies since 1995.   With experience leading over 100 nonprofit client engagements, he has addressed challenges faced by the smallest regional organizations to the largest multi-chapter, multi affiliate organizations across 15 nonprofit verticals. Matthew has a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.  Early in his career, he worked at GSD&M Advertising Kantar Millward Brown, a market research firm.

Jennifer Jones, Director, Analytics and Insights Operations

Jennifer joined Pursuant in 2009 and leads our partnerships with strong attention to detail and timelines to ensure success. Jennifer brings 15 years of analysis and operations experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors to the Analytics, Insights, and Experience team with a knack for connecting the dots between the business-of and the technical support for fundraising.

Jennifer is passionate about making the “how we do what we do” be the best it can be. She loves enhancing or creating processes that will make client’s and team’s jobs easier and is committed to serving with consistency, efficiency, and client excellence in all she does.

Tim Thornburg, Senior Data Architect

With over twenty-five years of experience in database product development, Tim has designed database solutions for one of Sprint’s call-processing control systems, the Church of the Nazarene’s HR and Benefits system and even a CRM platform for a startup software company. Tim’s partnership with Pursuant/KMA began in 2007 as a consultant engaged to launch their data services initiative where he led the design and build effort. Now Tim is excited to spearhead the design for a broader and even more robust analysis and insights platform as the company enhances its capabilities in this area. Tim’s diversity of technical backgrounds spanning not just database design but also database management and software development enables him to contribute to Pursuant’s ongoing quest for excellent products and services. He has spent many years specifically in the non-profit data services space and has capably handled day-to-day service delivery for Pursuant’s largest clients.

Tim feels gratification from being able to design and build solutions which support NPO’s causes. He sees that his daily work truly has positive impact on people’s lives which brings him pure excitement!

Matt Brown, Senior Data Analyst

Matt joined Pursuant in 2016 after spending a year as an independent consultant in the field of machine learning and predictive analytics. He has a Masters in Software Engineering and has spent much of his 18+ years of experience designing and implementing operational and analytical systems. At Pursuant, Matt works with clients, account managers, architects and other analysts to identify and illustrate actionable narratives from within the available data.

Matt loves data and writing tools that help to reveal the stories from within said data. He views it as a similar experience as looking at Magic Eye® pictures. The data may seem to portray several letters and numbers until it’s approached from the right perspective, then ‘Voila!,’ something interesting shows itself.

David Swets, Data Analyst

David joined Pursuant in 2019. In his role at Pursuant, he works to translate data into actionable insights. He’s always had a passion for numbers and for deriving insights from patterns of data. As a former consultant and statistics teaching assistant, David also loves about working with and helping people understand analytics, particularly when it can make a significant impact on their career or their organization. Prior to joining Pursuant, David’s work include analytics or data science-related positions at TimeClock Plus, Dell, and Microsoft.

When he’s not crunching numbers, David enjoys listening to music, watching sports, trying to keep up with current events, or making trips back home out west to San Angelo, TX, to visit friends and family

Mustafa Alani, Data Architect

Mustafa joined Pursuant Insights in 2016. His prior experiences includes managing databases for AGFA company in Belgium and the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas TX.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communications from The University of Baghdad at Baghdad. He has also obtained an MCPS in SQL Server from Microsoft. Mustafa has always had a passion for working with computers. The world of data analysis represents a constantly new and fresh challenge for Mustafa, who enjoys asking questions and learning new concepts from folks who are experts in their respective fields. When he’s not sifting through data, Mustafa, loves playing with his kids, watching movies (Marvel specifically), online games, swimming, and soccer.

Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez, Database Developer

Victor joined the Pursuant as a database architect. He has been in the data world for more than a decade, working as a DBA, or a Business Intelligence consultant for non-profit, and commercial sectors developing solutions for data warehousing, reporting, merging and cleansing data, executive dashboards, data insights, and automation of data extraction. He is joining the Mexico City team where we also have a few other members of the TouchPoint team hosted.

Victor has always been very passionate about data – the processes for creating, storing, extracting, and transforming data into valuable information. “This has taught me to analyze, be detailed-oriented, and be aware of the data flow from the beginning to the end. Knowing the business will help to understand the data and add value to it.” When not fundraising, you can usually find him gaming with friends on PC or Xbox, or enjoying outdoor activities such as biking and hiking, spending time with family, going to museums, and watching football.


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