Global Communities

The Problem

Global Communities is a nonprofit which resources and empowers natural leaders in communities around the world to strengthen their communities from within. Traditionally, they have relied on government funding, but have also built partnerships with corporations, especially those with projects in the areas of the world in which they work. As government funding dwindles, they wanted to diversify their funding sources and explore the potential of building an individual donor program.

The Solution

Upon conducting our 3D File Assessment and Journey Mapping workshop, Pursuant determined that the challenges of building an individual donor program outweighed the opportunities. Global Communities lacked the organizational infrastructure and the brand awareness to justify an investment in mass market donor acquisition.

Instead, we redirected to brainstorm ways to take something Global Communities is already good at—building corporate partnerships—and leveraging that into an increasing donor base over time.

We helped them lay out a phased roadmap for growth. In the short-term, this meant building major donor relationships with senior staff of their corporate partners and asking those staff to reach out to their networks. In the longer term, Global Communities can begin working with their corporate partners to speak to their employees as an audience that already has some brand familiarity.

We also helped lay the groundwork for future growth with a short-term plan to improve their online presence and create a better donor experience.

Going Beyond

Sometimes, the true purpose of analytics can be to find out when you’re asking the wrong question. Although Pursuant is committed to fulfilling our clients’ requests, in this case we knew Global Communities would be better served by going beyond the original mission to breakthrough thinking. Through intensive collaboration and brainstorming, we were able to help them replace a strategy with low ROI, significant infrastructure change and little chance of success with a strategy that promises to be simpler to implement as well as creating higher returns.

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