Des Moines Performing Arts Center

The Problem

Since its inception, Des Moines Performing Arts has had a transactional relationship with its supporters: donate in exchange for better seats and other special benefits. Seeking ways to transition donors to a more relationship-oriented, philanthropic model of support, DMPA contacted Pursuant to identify donors most likely to be able to make that transition.

The Solution

Pursuant used three analytics tools, each building on the information and insights gained through the previous tool, to form a comprehensive transition strategy.

Going Beyond

Using the segmentation insights, Pursuant created an action plan that enabled DMPA to invest their resources strategically to cultivate those donors most likely to deepen their relationship. We also recommended tracking the philanthropic-to-ticket ratio as a key metric for continued segmentation and messaging refinement.

Most of all, by implementing all three solutions, we were able to go beyond analytics to partner with DMPA to build a strategic roadmap for their long-term success.

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